The Journal of Institute of Medicine Nepal (JIOM NEPAL), previously JIOM, is a multispecialty journal carrying the aspirations of all those affiliated with the Institute of Medicine (IOM), Tribhuvan University, Nepal. It is a scientific medical journal publishing papers in English on health and medical issues. It was established in 1979 and the first Chief Editor was Prof Gopal Acharya. The first electronic version was published in 1998. The online version of the journal is available at

Scope of the Journal

As IOM has numerous campuses, institutes and colleges affiliated with  it and runs a wide array of programs, it is rich in diverse academic activities, including research. The main objective of the JIOM NEPAL is to serve as a portal documenting research activities. JIOM NEPAL encourages scientific paper writing and dissemination of this information. We strongly believe that high-quality medical research is necessary to improve health and healthcare services in Nepal, and has strong implications for individuals and communities. In this regard, JIOM NEPAL aims to be a central source for medical and scientific information and knowledge that will be dispersed to the wider community. The journal accepts relevant scientific articles from all faculty and students of the IOM and its affiliated institutions, along with any other individuals/institutions, if the subject matter is scientifically sound and applicable. Scientific articles related to all  disciplines of medicine, public health or health care management and those articles having impact on health in any form are accepted for potential publication.

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